Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Back to boggle the blog !

Hello.... Wow weeee !!!!! It has been months and months since my last entry post. Have been in quite a hectic schedule I was. The mind was so occupied with many many stuffs and there are loads of stuff to blog but just couldn't find the right time and the right mind to blog the boggled mind. 

Anyways, it is still not to late to wish my Chinese readers if there is any, Gong Xi Fa Cai - Happy Chinese New Year to all dear Chinese readers and bloggers. he he

The last few months have very fruitful for me in terms of personal life and career wise. Can't be happier now for what was transpired in the last few months. It was very magnificent and miracle as to what has happened in the final days of 2012 ends.

The new year has brought me a new perspective of purpose and love. 

And 'YES'.... I am in love. Madly in LOVE with one that I must not named just yet. We both are deeply and madly made for each other for the heaven's cry.

Hence, forgive my absence and my future rantings and ramblings of my boggling mind experiencing newly found love of my life. Possibly, I'll be away enjoying and appreciating the love mood of each other maybe till death do us apart.

Despite being in love, I'd be doing a lot of traveling commuting in chasing my love and my real purpose of life. So, if don't mind, please do bare a little while for now.