Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Raya Holiday Break

It has been more than a week from my last posting. Yes, 10-days without blogging seems a tad long to some people. Funny part is I'm not missing it that much. A total blackout for some quiet holiday treat. And a good blissful treat it was. Such treat is much needed to compensate my Eid Mubarak celebration.

Eid Mubarak holiday season of this year is pretty much dull for me. Though, there were some good happenings and better tides during the celebrations but my heart is still pounding hurt and very much kept all to myself. The only thing that made me a happy man during the raya holiday was the one-time super-duper pedas rendang power with ketupat at a friend's place. The rest was just the good old pizzas and KFC's. Needed remedy desperately. So maybe I have decided to go for a short holiday facing the Andaman Sea breezes. And without knowing much of the current local weather, the monsoon storm were definitely waiting for me there. Served me right though.  HA~HA~HA

I did enjoy my much needed break on the beach. It has been a while that I can remember my last holiday by a good sandy beach. It was quite a well deserved trip though I was expecting of more and more. Due to bad weather I was stuck and trapped at one town far from the backpack adventure that I was planning for and lastly opted to remain just only in Patong, Phuket for some good R&R. 

Nevertheless, I will resume my backpack trip on the later note for the next adventure trip and the following time around it will a blast one as I eagerly hope for. It will be accordingly to plan; Phuket - Phang Nga - Khao Lak - Koh Similan - Takua Pa - Ranong, truly a backpacker's adventure trip for 2 weeks at the least of it. All of this is just a jump-start for the much anticipated my Sino-Indo-China trip in a couple of years to come.

How I wished to have the opportunity of snapping photos like those beautiful scenic pictures shown up here. Who would that be the one modeling for me instead? The quest begins though it was never started in the first place. How laa..? HA~HA
Now that I'm done with Phuket, in a couple of days more I will fly to Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon as it used to be called for some historical Mekong river excursion and Viet-Cong hospitality experience.

Bon Voyage...

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Friday, 17 August 2012

What makes you come alive

Figuratively, pursuing a lively life is ultimately difficult, beyond confusing and quite trying sometimes. One must question, what does make you alive? Living a life to the fullest? How? When?

What makes you come alive? Living together with someone that can accepts while appreciates who you are and grows old together? Be it as it may... I never know to which is which, is the best for me in life. All I knew and stood for has betrayed me once and over again. And if given the chance to re-live the moment again, I might not change a single bit. Reason being, I have always believe in what doesn't kills you make you stronger. Either in heart, mind or body and soul.

Take things as it is maybe the key to keep moving on and pretend it is all will just be okay after awhile. Be prepared though because sometimes it does take a toll on you. And that's the choices given upon your door step is quite troubling and beyond understanding.

I foremost for one will response to life in my own way as the great Frank Sinatra song of My Way depiction without the "my end is near" part of course. I will just get used to the pain eventually. Try to take it in with a smile and hope it will do for my good-self. Life is so much fun to waste it unnecessarily to those who doesn't deserve and belong in the first place. 

Viably, I have to passionately fight through some bad days just to earn the best days of my life. Now... Go figure!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Lost in glittering Raya

Final days in the office before the long break next week full of "raya" songs one after another. Oh my.. I don't really feel anything the hype like before. Where is the feeling and the excitement? Damnnn.. Have I gone heartlessly haywire ?

I shudder to think more of it. What is done, is DONE! Damaged good I am. Need more of recuperating sessions with someone meaningful but to no avail. What I'm sure of is that I am stuck with this sort of doing for a period of my wretched life. What ever whether briefly or not, only time will tell all. I doomed to live a life that I have never wanted and expected. The cost is not just on me only, very unfortunate to know my children is the most victimized of all. I curse "you" many lifetimes over for making unilateral decision. It was totally not yours to make in the first place. I will never forgives and forgets this sorts of cause and effects behavior.

This time round I am a bit prepared. Can't wait to fly off as soon after this. I am bound to have this sort of nonsense in which only God knows how much more I can burden this on the shoulder.

I wish I could find someone better and yet really meaningful. Are you out there waiting my dear, lingering for me?

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The great test of all

The test of the rich is how humble they remain as they gain wealth and how grateful they are to the Almighty who is the sole Owner of all wealth.

This gratitude is displayed by increasing acts of worship, obeying commands & abstaining from prohibitions.

The humility is gauged by the attitude towards fellow human beings, the manner of spending, the ability to fight off the urge to have a say in everything, dominate & control solely due to the amount of wealth we have.

This test ends either when we become poor once again or when we die leaving behind whatever we had amassed for our heirs to fight over.

Beware of the dangers of this great test. Let it be a good reminder for us all.

Be reminded pls !

Monday, 13 August 2012

Am I ready now ?

Am I steadily enough in mind and heart for the next one week or so? Less than 7 days to go, the big celebrations of 1st Syawal is just around the corner. What am I going to do on the day by then? The feast of "ketupat rendang" and so on of many raya delicious delicacies is about to be filled for days and weeks.

With whom will I be celebrating with? Is it going to be the same like the last and previous years? If yes, then I'll be damned for years of my wretched life. HAHA

I just hope for the best and let it be different for me this time of the year. Insyallah.

My all-time favorites

Friday, 10 August 2012

Partly killing inside me

This year going to be second consecutive year I'm having it just to myself again. I am feeling hopeless for any good news from the 'other' side. Who cares anymore about the 'other' side. To hell with 'other' side. As far as I am concerned, I will never forgive and forget. You will find me at no mercy, ruthless and stone cold towards 'other' side. The last mile is no more. No more turning back. I condemn you for eternity and that's a sure do.

So, FUCK OFF !!!

How is it that I am able to withstand the humongous shakedown in life for many years I wonder. Was it the heart or the mind that betrayed me? 

How is it that I am able to withstand for all the incredulously accusations and nonsense for years. I should have known better and incredibly I have definitively learn much from it.

I just hope and pray, if one door closes.. another shall opens. Let it be done.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The elusive gold medal in Olympics

The elusive Olympics gold medal

It was so damn close and yet still unreachable.

How unlucky it must be to have missed marginally for our first historic gold medal in London 2012 Olympics last Sunday night. Our only best hope was thru men's single badminton final where Lee Chong Wei ranking world no.2 spot currently against his long time arch rival the world no.1 rank, the 2011 BWF Champion, the previous gold medalist in Beijing 2008 Olympics - the mighty Lin Dan.

Lee Chong Wei who made a quick recovery from major ankle injury got in last May came back to fulfill country best bet for first historic gold and yet again unfortunately sad he has to settle with silver medal for the second time. Losing the second time to the same opponent. But it was a lost with pride and dignity. A well fought spirit shown. A towering citizen with so much has been given to the country. A Malaysian hero due for highest recognition the country can bestow.

Now we have to wait another 4 years if there is any good chance again. As of now, I am not aware of anyone that is capable or potentially to win the first gold in 4 years time. Maybe it is too early to tell and let time reveal it all. For now, the drought continues. 

Nonetheless, the showdown was truly an epic battle, the thrilled that has been waiting for by many enthusiast around the world audiences, the reckoning of David and Goliath. The world most anticipated event in the making of badminton legendary. The whole country and most part of the world was shutdown into these two men battling each other and fought hard they were. One for his country first historic gold medal in Olympics and the other for his first historic retaining the gold medal won in Beijing 2008.

These two gentlemen are known for each other on the conquest of world domination as they have alternately and wonderfully taking turns for world ranking quest, #1 and #2 respectively along the many years. They are definitely in the class of their own. No other contender are able to catch up with their level of games.

The Superb Lee Chong Wei & the Mighty Lin Dan

Much has been said about the epic battle of world's best figure sportsmen, like Federer vs Nadal, Ronaldo vs Messi, Lewis vs Johnson etc...

And now the world has seen the reckoning of Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan together in their own sets of mastery and top notch game incomparable of any other world class players, deserving a hall of fame forever to be shared for lifetime. A rivalry unmatched that is.

Mutual respect of the two men battling has been shown how arch nemesis can be friends based on mutual grounds. Definitely they both need each other to move forward in their game.

Let's hope the awesome rivalry continues for another 4 more years. Let us see what else is stored for them. We definitely wants more of them in-court in future major competitive tournament.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Friday, 3 August 2012

Recluse Friday...

Finishing off the second week of Ramadan. Time flies in a blink. It is August now, the third quarter of the year and I'm still feeling the same everywhere every time. Not really a looking forward weekend and this gonna be the same for next few weeks till my trip to tropical island in far away land.

How I wish....

Civility at Bazaar Ramadan

Malaysians now generally lacks and aloof to have some common courtesy and civic mindedness when in dealing of human to human interactions. Is it very difficult for some people to extend a little courtesy to others? For me, I simply assumed when there is no courtesy performs it means lessen civic minded value in their day to day life. And I've always thought all this while that we have been taught and cultivated since young by our elders to show some manners and respect as the Malay idioms says culturally "Orang berbudi, kita berbahasa. Orang memberi, kita merasa." 

I for one, have experienced one particular incident today at the bazaar ramadan nearby USJ4 of how some food stall traders were simply ignorant and a bit out of place in their way of communicating with their supposed potential customers, especially on me!

For instance, there is this one idiot bugger who sells Nasi Briyani Gam in varieties of chicken, beef and mutton briyani delicacies whom I supposed lacking of civility in common courtesy and civic minded behavior towards me.

Oh yes, I was and still am particularly annoyed by it. How can I as the supposedly potential customer being ignored and passed over queue to others? Ooh come on I was standing right in front of you and the whole stacks of nasi briyani choices. How could you asked the chinese gentlemens to my right and left first which came in later than myself for their order instead of my own? Where is your sense of responsibility in treating your customer as rightly as king? Was I not King-Ly enough for you? Damn you man. Business etiquette and common sense of business conduct failed miserably.

The best way to react and response to this so called 'social' injustice, I just walked away in dismay. Who cares. No way I'm coming back to your stall ever. I will never tolerate such rude ignorance in this petty seasonal food business. At least a lesson should be done with.

By the way, it is the bazaar ramadan in ramadan month and yes I am fasting as compared to the other two chinese gentlemen whom I assumed doesn't fast at all. And please don't say how racially slurred prick I am now. I am just annoyed and irritated by some people ignorance's in extending zero courtesy and zero civic mindedness. Cultural and civic manners schooling lesson is a must for these people. Shame on you.

Who's at fault here? Was it our elders? The parents of those ignorance people? Or is it just about the level of education mentality purported supports those bad cultures, manners and behaviors?

Or is it because of certain politicians who have in fact infected and influenced our mind directly or indirectly to behave in such way? Consciously and sub-consciously influenced by the surrounding sociopolitical climate?  Or is it our society cross social value is deteriorating profusely? 

Nevertheless, based on my experience overseas, it is more than obvious that most people in Malaysia (I’ve met so far) don’t say ‘how are you?’, don’t say ‘thank you’, don’t say ‘please’, don’t have the time to hold the door… to the least they don't treat their customers like in particular of sordid experience I had today at the bazaar ramadan.

Obviously of that reasoning, the 'mat sallehs' are much more civilized in many more ways than we are. 

There goes the spirit of holy ramadan month and the celebrating of Eid-ul Fitri approximately in 2 weeks time.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Mesmerizing you...

How mesmerizing you are to me. In my eyes it's just unbeatable and incomparable. In a good way I do envy your men every night sleeping beside you most definitely. Your beauty in the cuteness and childish-look are just outstandingly awesome and refreshing all time. I am head over heels for you. I am deeply mesmerized by looking at any of your photos published on the net. Everything about you is just perfect in my eyes. Heaven's angel I would say.

It made me wonder, would I be in any case in this lifetime be able to find a soul mate similarly just like you? With the most cute, giggly charming smile all over for my battered soul.

Would any be there for me ?
Sumpah abang tak cari lain !

Boring Day at work

The whole day in office today doing nothing much of any work related stuff. Oh my... By noon, basically my work is pretty much done and mostly now I'm just killing time with net surfing the Google map of Asean region, planning for next backpacking excursion.

Fasting month at work is terribly overrated. Let's go snooker or lucky ball then.