Sunday, 9 September 2012

Cooling Sunday for mind plans of the future trip

I spent the day laying doing nothing sleeps and watches TV. What a bliss it can be. Til now I haven't really had proper food for breakfast and lunch. As for dinner I have no idea what is good to eat.

I had enough of raya food! Not really enjoy the raya mood this time around. Rather spend my mood overseas better. 1st week I went to Phuket. Then Ho Chi Minh City. 3rd week I stayed home and next week I'm off to Jakarta. The following month Bangkok follows and at the year end I'm planning for a quick Bali - Lombok trip.

Spending my time outside the country gives me loads of fun and keeps me away from all the loneliness back at home. Must be crazy I am gonna be soon. HAHA

Next year more plans are in motion. The Corazon Philippines, Mandalay journey, Mekong river excursions from Vientiane, Laos to Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Then the Raja Ampat islands at Papua, Irian Jaya. Can't wait!!!!

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