Monday, 22 October 2012

Nasty Monday Blues

Such a Monday-Blues today. A nasty one. Encountered one nasty headache close to migraine after for so long of not having any. It has been years since the last one. Damned it was totally unwarranted. Was vomiting in the morning and blurry visions for awhile. 

Doc have prescribed me for some muscle relaxation, anti vomit and painkiller medications for me to rest the whole day. 

But in the head is running wild with loads of work stacking and pending. Maybe later should at least have a glance at the pending works and who knows it might do some good to do some of it before the weekend Raya Haji holiday break.

Besides pending workloads, other stuffs did also contribute to the messy head I am having right now. Damned. When will it be over?

Contemplating too much it has been for many months and it doesn't give justice to anyone and everyone involves. Must keep the composure alive and preserve the perseverance in me. 

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