Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saturday Blues

The bliss of Saturday blues. Slept at 6am and woke up at slightly after the noon period. Straight to watching Blu-Rays all day long. Had a good run last night. Went to HRC for some live band action. Missed those days. Enjoyed every bit of it. Then, had a medium set of Double Samurai burger at McD BU Centerpoint at 4am with an old friend. Have somehow miraculously cleared the clouded head of mine for awhile.
From the balcony of my condo, enjoying the cool breeze of the downpour minutes ago. Cancelled the plan for some jog instead couch-potato-in on the discounted deal IKEA leather sofa bought last month, watching Bill Murray and the geng in "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" movie. It is the 4th movie of the day. No proper lunch just yet. Munched a bit of Nachos BBQ flavor and some nuts.

As this blog piece being written, eagerly awaits for any surprise and ideas for the Saturday night to come. Like to know what is installed for tonight. Another round of live band action again? HAHA doubt so but cannot ruled out the idea just yet. Expecting some worthwhile weekend with most anticipation.

Or maybe nothing would be happening. Will continue watching Blu-Ray movies through out the night ? Be damned for it if it is ever happening....

Waiting anxiously

Who is the angle that gonna sweep my feet off tonight?

So... what is for dinner gonna be like ? Any wild guess ?
And dare not asked more!

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