Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My First Numero Uno # 1

There you go. That's it. I have risen from the ashes and THE JOURNEY in blogger-sphere begins. For how long my blog will last only God knows. Only God knows why I have started blogging all of the sudden. In fact, I am still reeling from the deep cut of bitterness and my never ending awkward-mess. Oh well... maybe this is just me trying to moving on unto the uncharted territory of my next phase in life. There it goes...

Whatever it may be after all this World-Wide-Web hype, perhaps you can forgive me for being dull and unwilling to make this blog interesting enough for your reading pleasure and voyeurism. I am of what I am and of what is predestined and ordained. 

Basically I'm trying to say that I am NO HYPOCRITES! 

I will put up to whatever I have in my messy mind bluntly and without mercy. 

Enjoy if you will. 

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