Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The number is 35 now...

As of June 27, 2012 - I am gleefully a year older.

Yes. I am getting old by the day.
There is this saying among the Malays - "Rumah kata pergi... Kubur kata mari." The origins of the idiom I'm not really sure but I have been hearing many times before.

A friend of mine says 35 is the new 25. How's that sound to you? ;p
Well, I do find it a bit of tantalizing to know that new catchphrase. No doubt quite catchy though. 

Because I find it very true. I am at my prime now in my life. My career wise is healthily progressing as I carefully craft for. I am independently climbing up the ladder at work. My marriage life is at ever worst level than before. Nevertheless, I think I am OR maybe at least look much healthier in physical appearance than before though on mental note I am tested, challenged, boggled and judged. To sum it all, I could say it is the beginning of my prime life to endure such charade. God is giving me justice in this world. Whether you like or dislike, you've got no choice dude. Whiter the horizons!

So far, I have earned my living doing what I know best. I don't grudge nor whine about my fate. Though sometimes I do curse and curse all of it!!! 

I am no Saint. I am full of flaws and make mistakes over again.

Any how, by chance maybe I still managed to get through the fire with my head held up straight high whilst showing some innocent pride in me. At least I know, you know and everyone knows, I have gone far to be where I am today and still daring myself to go further beyond to achieve my upon greatness.

It is the never ending story of character building and persona.

Now after 35 years of living freely, I must honestly acknowledge to assess myself in many; 
  • What have I gained and lost over the year.
  • What is next and how much further I will and must go.
  • How do I make better constantly adapting to changes.
  • How much good deeds have I done and contribute against my bad.
I must be steadfast. I must be stronger. I must forgive and forget. I must be resilient. I must be objective. I must open up to someone new. I must this.. I must that.. bla bla bla... yep yep yep

And above all I must be responsibly willing !!! 

So.. in much vain and vanity I say Happy Birthday to myself all by myself for such days ahead. May God blessed myself always.

The unloved & insignificant ME !!!!  HA.HA.HA.HA

P/S: Thank you God for the giveth and taketh way.. to know that I am able to carry this burden set for my own sake and well being. I am grateful for what is put forth for me after all.

I end here with; The One and Only God I submit myself to You.
“There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

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