Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ending of Euro 2012

It has come to an end of Euro 2012 mania. In a couple of nights the final game between the Spaniards - La Roja as defending champion of Euro 2008 against the unexpected finalist - the ultimate underdog team - the Italians - Azzurri's.

This year installment again and again has shown the world whenever comes football tournament all the enthusiasm, frenzies and hypes are as much as anticipated. Our life have directly and indirect subconsciously impacted turned into the marketing hype of certain continent football celebration. Undeniably the sport we truly love or soccer as the Americans calls it, is the world's most attracted sports. No other sport is at par as football. 

Even more, the WAGs definitely have put the games for attention to it. All sorts of creativity has been put forth to support the respective teams. We guys just craze and crave loving those WAGs for their attentive creativity in and out of the stadium celebrations and news coverage. Beautiful babes and chicks supporters does make football games much more celebrated, fun and colorful to watch.


We guys just love and enjoy such beauty celebrations in football games. ;)

Pray that I for once in a life time conquest, would have the opportunity to experience and be part of famous WAGs celebrations in any upcoming football mania in near future.

On other note, personally my life is almost the same either with or without football nights. The crucial games always gets me into sleepless nights or haywire sleeping time. Before Euro 2012, it was the EPL or Barclays Premier League where Manchester City the Noisy Neighbour that out performed Red Devil Manchester United and clinched the title for the first time in 40 over odd years. It was the only remedy for me when my all time support for the Kops or the Reds didn't do much in 2011-2012 as I hoped for. Nonetheless, Kops - You'll Never Walks Alone!

In Euro 2012 my favorites are Ukraine, Spain and Italy. Though Holland, England and Germany were on my watch list. 

For you to know, Portugal was never my favorite as far as Cristiano Ronaldo or CR-9 is concern. This shows how much I despises CR-9. No doubt he is the most hardworking and one of the best skillful striker ever seen in these few years but his personality trait when he score goals made me always annoyed. Your arrogance is just beyond my comprehensions. This is not envy I'm talking about. I best prefer Lionel Messi's humility more than your tantrums of CR-9 persona.

As host and home ground advantage the Ukrainian seems to be at advantage to perform better. With Andriy Shevchenko on board, it did somehow put certain value to be considered at least. Then again maybe it was a bit too far fetched.

While the Spaniard team which looked a bit of under par in the beginning have proven its mantle as Euro 2008 defending champion and the World Cup 2010 Champ! They have improved in their games after one another or maybe luck is always on their side. Not having David Villa and Charles Puyol is no matter to Vicente Del Bosque it seems. They still make do.

Maybe also there would be a history in making for the Spaniard. Who knows eh? How wishful thinking I am. 

La Roja
The Netherlands or Holland were quite bad this time around despite their reputations as World Cup 2010 finalist. I totally have no idea and boggled to what had happened to the Orange team Total Football. Either it was sheer bad luck or bad chemistry of professional stars in the team. I ponder as to why Wesley Sneijder, Robben, Van Der Vaart and Van Persie just couldn't translate their top notch reputations into good winnings. I do ponder why? Still in reputation as  total football team? 

The Three Lions ; England is the all-time overly hype team ever. Since Roy Hodgson took up the responsibility from Fabio Capello's void, no doubt he gave some new lease of life. They did give some hope of believing to look for. I was expecting more actually. But then again history have proven that it was only luck didn't work for them when they were up against the Italians in the penalty decider at the final eight. 

Things were looking so good for the German's Joachim Loeb at first. The German team have played their every games so well and perceived as the best team in Euro 2012. They were the favorites to win it all. Names like Mesut Ozil, Muller, Klose, Podolski, Schweinsteiger and Boateng to name a few have all the right disciplines to win the tournament. Having to have won all the grouping games up till the semi's only to get the Azzurri kicked some SENSE INTO A GAME CHANGER. 

The Italians, played their tactical game-ball and overall field strategy so well and finesse that the German team was a bit dumbfounded on field. The Italian's defense line were so intact with Buffon at his best goal-keeping form, and yet the real mafioso put up a quality strike force to be reckoned with.

The Azzurri's
Under Prandelli tutelage's, no doubt they have came up this far as the ultimate under dog of the tournament. I realized it at the beginning. That is why I am not surprise to see the Azzurri's in the Final of Euro 2012.

Crucial role of Andrea Pirlo play-making is just like Zinedine Zidane to France as Charles Puyol to Spain. That's the fact. While Mario Balotelli is without doubt either you love him or loathe him, he is by far the best striker the team has. His  prowess and temperamental character out shines everyone in Euro 2012. Even CR-9 loses to him.

I salute Roberto Mancini for recognizing Balotelli for ManCity. Or else I wouldn't have known who the fuck is Mario Balotelli. An African-Italian with an Italian name! What a joke for me that is. Sorry Super Mario... HA-HA
Mario Balotelli in his usual trademark yet again.
Now as for the final game in 2-3 days time, I just love to see both of my chosen favorites to face off each other. Their game style is a bit of similar from what I can tell so far and yet I am still undecided to which jersey should I wear for the final game. Only on the night game maybe I will then decide.
Quite mind boggling isn't it?

The Deep Blue Sea or The Wiry Red?

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