Thursday, 16 August 2012

Lost in glittering Raya

Final days in the office before the long break next week full of "raya" songs one after another. Oh my.. I don't really feel anything the hype like before. Where is the feeling and the excitement? Damnnn.. Have I gone heartlessly haywire ?

I shudder to think more of it. What is done, is DONE! Damaged good I am. Need more of recuperating sessions with someone meaningful but to no avail. What I'm sure of is that I am stuck with this sort of doing for a period of my wretched life. What ever whether briefly or not, only time will tell all. I doomed to live a life that I have never wanted and expected. The cost is not just on me only, very unfortunate to know my children is the most victimized of all. I curse "you" many lifetimes over for making unilateral decision. It was totally not yours to make in the first place. I will never forgives and forgets this sorts of cause and effects behavior.

This time round I am a bit prepared. Can't wait to fly off as soon after this. I am bound to have this sort of nonsense in which only God knows how much more I can burden this on the shoulder.

I wish I could find someone better and yet really meaningful. Are you out there waiting my dear, lingering for me?

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