Friday, 10 August 2012

Partly killing inside me

This year going to be second consecutive year I'm having it just to myself again. I am feeling hopeless for any good news from the 'other' side. Who cares anymore about the 'other' side. To hell with 'other' side. As far as I am concerned, I will never forgive and forget. You will find me at no mercy, ruthless and stone cold towards 'other' side. The last mile is no more. No more turning back. I condemn you for eternity and that's a sure do.

So, FUCK OFF !!!

How is it that I am able to withstand the humongous shakedown in life for many years I wonder. Was it the heart or the mind that betrayed me? 

How is it that I am able to withstand for all the incredulously accusations and nonsense for years. I should have known better and incredibly I have definitively learn much from it.

I just hope and pray, if one door closes.. another shall opens. Let it be done.

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