Friday, 17 August 2012

What makes you come alive

Figuratively, pursuing a lively life is ultimately difficult, beyond confusing and quite trying sometimes. One must question, what does make you alive? Living a life to the fullest? How? When?

What makes you come alive? Living together with someone that can accepts while appreciates who you are and grows old together? Be it as it may... I never know to which is which, is the best for me in life. All I knew and stood for has betrayed me once and over again. And if given the chance to re-live the moment again, I might not change a single bit. Reason being, I have always believe in what doesn't kills you make you stronger. Either in heart, mind or body and soul.

Take things as it is maybe the key to keep moving on and pretend it is all will just be okay after awhile. Be prepared though because sometimes it does take a toll on you. And that's the choices given upon your door step is quite troubling and beyond understanding.

I foremost for one will response to life in my own way as the great Frank Sinatra song of My Way depiction without the "my end is near" part of course. I will just get used to the pain eventually. Try to take it in with a smile and hope it will do for my good-self. Life is so much fun to waste it unnecessarily to those who doesn't deserve and belong in the first place. 

Viably, I have to passionately fight through some bad days just to earn the best days of my life. Now... Go figure!

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