Friday, 3 August 2012

Civility at Bazaar Ramadan

Malaysians now generally lacks and aloof to have some common courtesy and civic mindedness when in dealing of human to human interactions. Is it very difficult for some people to extend a little courtesy to others? For me, I simply assumed when there is no courtesy performs it means lessen civic minded value in their day to day life. And I've always thought all this while that we have been taught and cultivated since young by our elders to show some manners and respect as the Malay idioms says culturally "Orang berbudi, kita berbahasa. Orang memberi, kita merasa." 

I for one, have experienced one particular incident today at the bazaar ramadan nearby USJ4 of how some food stall traders were simply ignorant and a bit out of place in their way of communicating with their supposed potential customers, especially on me!

For instance, there is this one idiot bugger who sells Nasi Briyani Gam in varieties of chicken, beef and mutton briyani delicacies whom I supposed lacking of civility in common courtesy and civic minded behavior towards me.

Oh yes, I was and still am particularly annoyed by it. How can I as the supposedly potential customer being ignored and passed over queue to others? Ooh come on I was standing right in front of you and the whole stacks of nasi briyani choices. How could you asked the chinese gentlemens to my right and left first which came in later than myself for their order instead of my own? Where is your sense of responsibility in treating your customer as rightly as king? Was I not King-Ly enough for you? Damn you man. Business etiquette and common sense of business conduct failed miserably.

The best way to react and response to this so called 'social' injustice, I just walked away in dismay. Who cares. No way I'm coming back to your stall ever. I will never tolerate such rude ignorance in this petty seasonal food business. At least a lesson should be done with.

By the way, it is the bazaar ramadan in ramadan month and yes I am fasting as compared to the other two chinese gentlemen whom I assumed doesn't fast at all. And please don't say how racially slurred prick I am now. I am just annoyed and irritated by some people ignorance's in extending zero courtesy and zero civic mindedness. Cultural and civic manners schooling lesson is a must for these people. Shame on you.

Who's at fault here? Was it our elders? The parents of those ignorance people? Or is it just about the level of education mentality purported supports those bad cultures, manners and behaviors?

Or is it because of certain politicians who have in fact infected and influenced our mind directly or indirectly to behave in such way? Consciously and sub-consciously influenced by the surrounding sociopolitical climate?  Or is it our society cross social value is deteriorating profusely? 

Nevertheless, based on my experience overseas, it is more than obvious that most people in Malaysia (I’ve met so far) don’t say ‘how are you?’, don’t say ‘thank you’, don’t say ‘please’, don’t have the time to hold the door… to the least they don't treat their customers like in particular of sordid experience I had today at the bazaar ramadan.

Obviously of that reasoning, the 'mat sallehs' are much more civilized in many more ways than we are. 

There goes the spirit of holy ramadan month and the celebrating of Eid-ul Fitri approximately in 2 weeks time.

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