Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The elusive gold medal in Olympics

The elusive Olympics gold medal

It was so damn close and yet still unreachable.

How unlucky it must be to have missed marginally for our first historic gold medal in London 2012 Olympics last Sunday night. Our only best hope was thru men's single badminton final where Lee Chong Wei ranking world no.2 spot currently against his long time arch rival the world no.1 rank, the 2011 BWF Champion, the previous gold medalist in Beijing 2008 Olympics - the mighty Lin Dan.

Lee Chong Wei who made a quick recovery from major ankle injury got in last May came back to fulfill country best bet for first historic gold and yet again unfortunately sad he has to settle with silver medal for the second time. Losing the second time to the same opponent. But it was a lost with pride and dignity. A well fought spirit shown. A towering citizen with so much has been given to the country. A Malaysian hero due for highest recognition the country can bestow.

Now we have to wait another 4 years if there is any good chance again. As of now, I am not aware of anyone that is capable or potentially to win the first gold in 4 years time. Maybe it is too early to tell and let time reveal it all. For now, the drought continues. 

Nonetheless, the showdown was truly an epic battle, the thrilled that has been waiting for by many enthusiast around the world audiences, the reckoning of David and Goliath. The world most anticipated event in the making of badminton legendary. The whole country and most part of the world was shutdown into these two men battling each other and fought hard they were. One for his country first historic gold medal in Olympics and the other for his first historic retaining the gold medal won in Beijing 2008.

These two gentlemen are known for each other on the conquest of world domination as they have alternately and wonderfully taking turns for world ranking quest, #1 and #2 respectively along the many years. They are definitely in the class of their own. No other contender are able to catch up with their level of games.

The Superb Lee Chong Wei & the Mighty Lin Dan

Much has been said about the epic battle of world's best figure sportsmen, like Federer vs Nadal, Ronaldo vs Messi, Lewis vs Johnson etc...

And now the world has seen the reckoning of Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan together in their own sets of mastery and top notch game incomparable of any other world class players, deserving a hall of fame forever to be shared for lifetime. A rivalry unmatched that is.

Mutual respect of the two men battling has been shown how arch nemesis can be friends based on mutual grounds. Definitely they both need each other to move forward in their game.

Let's hope the awesome rivalry continues for another 4 more years. Let us see what else is stored for them. We definitely wants more of them in-court in future major competitive tournament.

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