Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dark Knight Rises Rocks!

As awesome as the Avengers is, Dark Knight Rises is rocking in an entirely different, gritty, dramatic way. The nearly 3-hour movie is without doubt at its best considering the news of Nolan's decision that this would be the last of his epic franchise. The storyline filmed is more darker and more edgier than any of its tale. Moreover, the films in The Dark Knight Saga are arguably the darkest adaptations of Batman to date.

So to speak the Batman's myth ends and rises. The rebooted Batman trilogy of Christopher Nolan will ends here so I made to understand. Too bad it seems he decided to close the trilogy chapter too soon as I was and still am admire his touch in making the comic legend crime buster caped crusader, the Batman an epic legendary films ever. I hope he change his mind and make the return of Christian Bale, Michael Cain, Gary Oldman and Anne Heatherway. Not to mention the possibility of future sidekick Robin by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

My absolute compliment and salute to the Nolan brothers who re-writes and made Bane as realistic as human-is bad-ass as it can be; the nemesis who finally breaks the myth of the unbeatable Batman. As nearly to the comic's storytelling, the Dark Knight Rises truly remarkable to watch with it's unpredictable storyline and plot. The movie concludes everything from its beginning and to its end with overall storyline related to each other of Batman Begins and Dark Knight. Each character role and storyline grows and expands as the movie runs with plot thickens in every minute of the movie. It seems not enough to end it like this and I really hope there is a continuation after all.

The movie is definitely much dreaded, darker and much bigger obviously with bigger plot, bigger foe - Bane as the ultimate brute force villain, bigger machines and weaponry - the big boom bang and lastly, the bigger wider deeper scores of character built up and bigger in life of superhero dreaded livelihood.


The gist of Batman trilogy is and has always been the other factor relentlessly. The one and only, The League of Shadow - the Ra's Al Ghul persona in retrospect is the catalyst of all chaos in Gotham city and the life of Batman. Although after his death in the first installment, the super villain as his he was, Ra's Al Ghul reputation still comes back haunting and tormenting Batman and Gotham city through his kin - Talia Al Ghul who slips in as the unsuspected brilliant businesswomen disguised in name of Miranda Tate, who later to become the top executive of Wayne Enterprise business in which Bruce himself was duped into believing her and of course all along Talia with the help of her lover - Bane, the Ra's Al Ghul's banished disciple, the outcast one which gives Gotham a hellish revolution and chaos.

As I normally expected, it is not just about all Batman and Bane only while with Catwomen once awhile kicking into the scene, it is also a movie of one particular character growth for the future development of Robin in a splinter move later maybe. The movie ends with the possible notion of an upcoming Batman's sidekick - Robin.

Overall, the movie Dark Knight Rises is undeniably the best for this summer together with Avengers. Wonder if the Marvel's of 6 Avengers of Nick Fury marvelous superheroes would be beaten by the crime-buster caped crusader Batman - Dark Knight epic's at the end of the summer.

Enough said, I will definitely and undoubtedly be going to catch another round of Dark Knight Rises later afterward, tomorrow and the day after till I had enough of it maybe. It is the best of the best of the rebooted Batman trilogy with the so-called epic ending.

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