Tuesday, 3 July 2012

La Furia Roja

King of Europe, again !

The Spanish Inquisition that happened in Kiev, Ukraine on July 1st, 2012 by La Roja was undeniably the best feature of Spanish football ever. Definitely a masterpiece in it's own class.

After having clinched the World Cup 2010 title for the first time ever in history, now the Spanish have conquered and secured themselves another fantastic victory wins in world of football. Defending their Euro 2008 Championship consecutively in style clipped with reputation status as World Cup 2010 Champion have proven their dominance in last 4 years in world competitive tournament. La Roja is the global superpower in football at this age.

By obliterating the overwhelmed Azzurri's side with 4 goals to none, it was totally majestic and outstanding. In way of frantically remarkable and superbly done. Every goal was exquisite and classy in nature. David Silva, Jodi Alba, Fernando Torres and Juan Mata have each tasted the glory of scoring in their historic final game into victory. La Roja's way of playing the slickest passing game was phenomenal and became the nightmare to the Italians. 

Andres Iniesta together with the two Xavi's (Alonso & Hernandes) and Cesc Fabregas was very instrumentally lethal in their passing game and control strategy. Every players of La Roja is their contributing success factor. Proving to others their slick teamwork and determination is undoubtedly the best recipe in their own right as top class contender. No superstar is above one another in La Roja and coach Vicente Del Bosque have marvelously took the team to greater heights of any countrymen ever achieved and dream of.

Aside being crowned as the champion of Euro 2012, play-maker Andres Iniesta was announced as the Player of Tournament while the £50 million tag worth striker Fernando Torres as Golden Boot winner. Such tributes are much anticipated by many without questions as they do deserved it all. Iker Cassilas is without doubt the best goalkeeper in the world with just only 1 goal conceded throughout the tournament. Individual and overall statistics have shown how much better side La Roja were on the field compared to others.

In years to come, expects La Roja's superiority will likely be exhilarating still to amaze the world spectators with their agility teamwork strength and exquisite passing-game school of thought. A fact that is hard to resist and refute by many critics and fans.

Next up, bring on Brazil 2014 World Cup.

Celebrations of countrymen back at home ground.
Memory lane souvenir for the historic victory.
La Roja - Euro 2012

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