Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ways of Reinventing Myself

It has been a long time since my last makeover. Can I say give or take like 10 years ago? After all the ruckus and disturbances in last few years, I am due for a good makeover. An extreme one too.

Reason being is simply normal and not a mind boggling one. I have gone thru and endured quite a test of my life. I admit that for what was built based on my good and noblest intentions of all was marred with certain negativity and inconsolable mistakes from my end. And it was an eye-opener and lesson-learned for me.

Difficult it maybe though, nevertheless it will be a life-long cycle of learning curves that I must endure and with full-confidence I am ready to face the future with great optimisms. Yes, I am an optimist now.

A lot has changed along the years to what and how I used to live life for. Now I am obliged for a total overhaul of my minion existence in this ratchet planet. The time has come for me to pick up the broken pieces and move on with a full smile on my face. I am a happy man, renewed and very much looking forward for new adventures. 

Gracefully I amends and reconciles my past to better ones. Many things have been learned through out the years of betrayal and sadness. The deep dark inside me is no longer a rebellious issue to be concerned of. Not anymore.

My great essence for change and makeover extremely. 

Considering I have made the makeover move in my career wise not long ago and just recently I have done some makeover ado's for my wardrobe, why don't I go further and wider scale with it. For the last few days I have been into thinking about it seriously. Might as well I broaden the makeover idea to other parts concerning my goodself. Finally, I have come to as follows.

I will have a makeover in my way of thinking and approaches.
I will have a makeover in personality traits; the ins and outs of it.
I will have a makeover in spiritual believes.
I will have a makeover in financial security.
I will have a makeover in physical fitness.
I will have a makeover in health too. 

This is my pledge. This is my commitment for better life ahead that awaits me. I want to do more in life and contribute more to those people that have cared and taken me seriously before and still are. To those who have misjudged and wronged me, I can tell you that with such sincerity, I am stronger and eyes wide open now. 

All in all that is me in a way of saying I am up to reinvent myself for someone better. I will definitely have it my way. Back into THE GAME!

So, beware and be watchful for events that are about to unfold.
The new me will truly be a reckoning one.

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