Friday, 27 July 2012

Pounding heart and troubled mind

I don't feel good today. My heart is pounding hard and fast. Close to an anxiety attack I could say. Is something bad going to happen to me today? I know I've made some mistakes in the last few days and maybe this is why it's happening to me. Maybe I just couldn't cope with the anxiety pressure or more?

I know I have done so much of wrongs and mistakes, all I need is a calm heart and a focus mind. I am trying hard maybe not hard enough just yet, but nonetheless trying hard is still a try don't it ? I try so hard to make things better for myself and be a good person in life and to others too.

Dear God, The Great Merciful One. I pray for you to take this away. I need help! Please give me a peaceful mind and at heart as well. Please let the heart soothes and calm through this trying times. My pending at work is much of a concern now and I need all the help I could get from You. Have mercy on me please. I pray for Your Mercy and Kindness and Guidance. Ameen.

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