Friday, 13 July 2012

T.G.I.F the 13th

Thank God It's Friday. Plus it's Friday The 13th.

To some, it is a special day of sorts. Those who believes in superstitious stuff surely takes this day with several steps of precaution. And I say to those people... How foolish can you be for such nonsense believe! HAHAHA

But I do like watching Jason Voorhees character in movies. Simple acting with no dialogues. Just slashes here and there killing people with no remorse.. hehe 
Few years back, Hollywood did a remake of Jason Voorhees coming back into action with the help of Freddy Kruger of course.. Jason vs Freddy!!!

Anyhow it's Friday and my scheduled meeting at 4pm with CEO Office is postponed to later date. Much relieved it was for myself and team.

I am getting down on Friday and the weekends. Much recuperating is needed. Need to find my inner peace. Maybe I'll go for some movies and find myself a date. Wonder if she is willing and up for it. First, would I dare to ask her out?

I miss Arnie as Conan ;p

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