Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Days...

I am particularly amused by these sorts of thing. They have made it unofficially official now I supposed. I dig the effort by social media for some jiggy and hype over all these. Very amusing though.

First it was the No Panty Day - June 22

No wonder particular someone were asking me the other night whether she was wearing any on that exact day and she was quite cheeky about it... HAHAHA

Then a couple of days ago, the No Bra Day - July 9

Have got to admit that I am more of a boob guy no matters what! Fixated by the boobies more than ever since I was too young to know anything to remember anything else besides boobs. It is just in me, in my blood, in my head all the time, all year round. I get turn on with certain type of boobs. 

The curvy voluptuous posture that determines everything to my unlawful eyes ESPECIALLY at the cleavage area.  Ohhh myyyy.... *grin* 

Thousands of apologies... I definitely can't help it. Just being truthful and man up to it I guessed.

Ooohhh Mamma Miaaaa...

I wonder.... how would "bidadari" virgins in high heaven be like just to cater my lust for boobs in this current state. 

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