Thursday, 12 July 2012

No Longer Matter

I have to erase you
Cease these violent truths with gentle ends
Turn my head and not imagine you asking for a steady return
I'm asking for scientific and figurative impossibilities
I need you to stop mattering
No more rendezvous in my subconscious
Self-inflicting this sure loss...
Losing the war when I permit you to my chambers
The past glory of your affection can no longer grant you asylum here
Your absence and your disobedience are co-existing
Insolently playing on my purity and sanity
I'm routing for a team that's not even playing anymore
As much as I need you....
I need you to go
In other words...  you are unforgiving! 

Gallivanting for new affections... worthwhile of me for ever and after
Will it ever be found ?


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