Thursday, 19 July 2012

Used to be...

Used to be an overwhelming Thursday night.
In any normal days that I used to get some time ago, for every Thursday comes I would make a point to come back home early. I just loved doing it because I know on this particular day, I have higher expectations at night compared to the rest of days in a week. I treat every Thursday night as a special night for me to look up for. I am used to pamper myself with any relations to cuddling, snuggling, nudging etc... he he he

I always felt extra warmth on most of every Thursday nights. And now the luxury notions that I am used to is no longer there for me to be mesmerized of. It has been two dreadful years for a guy like me to have been missing my expectations. So, I would just be teasing myself with those pictures below. 

I guessed I'm just full of crap! HA-HA 
Oh well, who cares btw....

An overwhelming desire and craving for intimacy surely I am.

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