Sunday, 1 July 2012

Idiosyncrasy of One So Called Friend

Some hours ago I encountered some idiotic comments made in my Facebook wall posting by one particular friend who would call himself a friend to me. This so called friend of mine who thinks that he is a smart guy, way too smart for anyone to challenge him, (or way too smart for himself) blasted an unwarranted comments in response to my initial wall posting. 

The manner of unwarranted comments made by him were in such insulting gestures to my intellect and common sense. He thinks that he has made an interesting comments and outburst with no respect to my privacy rights of alternate view opined that was contrary to his favors or likings.

This friend of mine is pretty much so sure of himself up to a level of forgetting how foolish he has become in order to justify his point and blabbering. The best part of it, he was so boundlessly over-protective about one certain individual of a has-been politician marred with criminal negligence history and various sex scandals rendezvous.

As I recalled correctly, I have never put up to such nonsense in any ways that would jeopardizing my principles and believes. As far as I am concern, certainly I don't have to justify myself to explain further and entertain him with good sense of  logical thinking and precious arguments. 

What bothers me is just that my level of tolerance towards him. I pity him mostly for being what he is. An urbanizes graduate with local degree from government university and making ends meet in the banking sector really doesn't have the acumen to think and behave like one!

That's what really frustrates me!

Boggling as it is, I can only relate the main contributor to this sort of horrendous mental breakdown is his negativity spurred in emotional sentiments and fixated to the anti-establishment persona as the main driver of it all.

Regardless to many good deeds presented right before the eyes, he chose to be ignorant to many things that signifies a balanced view of argumentative facts. One must be objective and fairness to its surrounding information as factors when comes to an analytical mind. At least, I know this is my basis of carrying out my duties as a responsible citizen, husband, father, uncle and a Muslim to the ummah and the nation.

I have always and will continue to be as careful as I try to be when it comes to conduct myself properly in any interactions I might have to many walks of life. Respect the basic rights to differences in many people walks of life is partly the small key of integral to many successful character building and reputation in life. All we have at the end of the road is our wits in facing the real world. 

Lastly, to you friend I hope the best of you to realize what you have become and please be a little considerate to others. One can't be patient all the time and there are limits to any occurrences.

Ohhh dearie God, please gives me strength to endure such offensive and warranted behavior in my quest to live a fruitful and fullest life as accordance to Your obligatory commandments. Amin.


Or maybe this particular so-called friend of mine should really need is an expensive hard-earned leather shoe tucked right up in his cute virgin hairy ass.

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