Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Another date.. another day...

Supposedly today - July 24th means something real dearie and special to me. Exactly 8 years ago I thought I'm the most lucky man alive to be bonded forever to grow old together. Boy... how I was wrong!!!! I've been deceived for one last time. 

And today it is just a another number, another date, another day that has become meaningless to be remembered by. The date is becoming so ordinary and nothing worth to be celebrated about. It is all as per my recent realization is a big sham now. Wasted it good and wasted it big time!

Now, I must go on... go on with what ever is left of me and the rest of my mundane life. I have held my end to date and I'm very proud of it. 

Goodbye old life. I dare not seeing you anymore in my new profound life ventures.

If I can just turn back time ......

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