Sunday, 22 July 2012

In remembrance of the Joker

Grimm, witty & chaotic wicked evil

After watching Dark Knight Rises and how the trilogy saga has unexpectedly rock the world in the last 8 years since it was first rebooted in 2005 as Batman Begins, I can't help to pay my tribute to the late Heath Ledger who was phenomenon as the Joker in the 2008 sequel - The Dark Knight, as the arch enemy of Batman.
Meant for together in all time

When I firstly got to know Heath Ledger was supposed to play as the Joker in the Batman Begins sequel, I was truthfully and with all honesty never thought that he would be able to pull it off. I supposed no one could ever be as best as Jack Nicholson portrayal of the Joker in the 80's. But again, who am I to be thinking in that manner. Ohh myyyy.. how I was totally proven wrong then. It was clearly the director Christopher Nolan knew best of his chosen one and ended it with a shocking blast, euphorically worldwide, critically phenomenon right away after it was premiered in the summer of 2008.

Heath Ledger's wicked re-creation was undoubtedly, surprisingly, astonishingly outstanding in the surreal portrayal of the Joker. No one.. yes I mean no one around alive today would be able to replace this great young talent Heath Ledger after his untimely death. The originality, the authenticity and the wickedness was superb and rocking maximum effect through out event. The momentum of the new flair for the Joker was one of a kind. None other.

The bar has been powerfully raised up and benchmark to sky high indefinitely. The originality of the new image of the Joker was at his best yet greatest masterpiece ever. Comparatively speaking, the presentation of the Joker was so glaring in motion than to the dark knight himself!

As someone else have cleverly and beautifully put in words much much earlier in the last few years and I am just simply honored to repeating it again in simple order as follows.

The In Character:
To put it simply and mildly, this character, this villain, is a work of masterpiece and a work of genius. Designed to be one of the many villains the caped crusader did battle with, it wasn’t long before this smiling evil psychopath became Batman’s arch-nemesis and the chief pain in his ass. The reasons for this seems pretty clear, Joker just simply loves what he does. Plain and simple. This is why the Joker is the best at what he does. I don’t care how well you do something, but if you don’t love what you're doing, then you won’t be the best at it. Basically, he was the perfect villain because people loved to hate him and found him so dark and yet so much fun.

The In Persona:
For starters, his whole work up was a touch of genius. By adopting the whole insane clown thing, he combined the macabre with the innocent which pretty much made him the stuff of nightmares. He killed, he maimed, and he tortured people sadistically, but he always did it with a smile and a joke. He could be insane, yes, but he could also be chaotically brilliant and cunning. His method was madness, but concealed behind a sort of playful, laughable exterior. This was in stark contrast to Batman’s tough and cold exterior and the permanent scowl he had etched on his face.

As such, he was the perfect foil for Batman’s particular brand of heroism and social control. Whereas the dark knight was obsessed with order and control, the Joker was malevolence and disorder personified. In a way, he played Lucifer to Batman’s God, messing with his designs and subverting his sense of order. And, like Lucifer, he knew how to turn the tables and get people to do his bidding. And whereas God never smiled, he could be counted on to see the fun side of things. Assuming he wasn’t killing or maiming you!

In my other word, besides all the antiques of madness and menace of the Joker persona there were also many catchy lines spoken in manners that were so very captivating and memorable still played around by the devilish yet menacing chaotic psychopath Joker. All in, the rebooted of the Joker by Heath Ledger was definitely the mark for many years and generations. Real epic one that was.

And lastly, the best of all would be...

Unfortunately, we won't be seeing anymore of the great masterpiece of chaotic evil-madness presentation by the Joker and Heath Ledger for ever never and will be surely, sorely, deeply missed by us - the die hard fans and audiences.

The irony after all, it was the Joker that's ultimately having the last laugh when he is eternally gone! As we all the living minions craving for more and more of his wicked actions on screen.

Certainly is wittily laughing all the way to his high heaven or down right hell hole where he'd be in any case he may be. Rest in Peace "Sir" Joker.

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