Saturday, 28 July 2012

Walking wounded

By definition in dictionary it means;
  1. Casualties, as of a military conflict, who are wounded but ambulatory.  
  2. Persons who have been damaged or defeated psychologically or emotionally by their experiences in life. 
Obviously the later definition describes the best of me I guessed. Everything happens for a reason and are always for the best of it they says.. I wonder how and what actually. Damaged goods + feeling lost + disillusioned ?

One thing for sure, I'm the casualties of my own chosen disillusioned life and some have become my collateral damage especially those who is dearly to me. 
So, then.. What to expect from a walking wounded?

Anyway, somehow or rather there is this poetry I found that relates to my own.
the walking wounded are among you.
Our abused hearts limping along
undetected by those around us.
Burdened by the weight of hate
held for those who hurt us.
Toiling under this awful,
lonely pain,
we occasionally meet a healer
a mentor
a friend
who shows us that the hate we carry
is more harmful to the hater
than the hated
and that forgiving is not forgetting.
The scarred heart can beat freer
having dropped the useless load
making rest restful and life easier.
Do they know the value of the gift they give

Beaten up and walking wounded but not walking dead zombie just yet.
Hopeful still I am, mistaken will not be again.

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