Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Happy Birthday Dear ...

Whom who must not be named... just yet.. not yet
You know who you are to me, should you read this post.

It has been said that real friends are very hard to find.
The ones that stay when times are tough, a real friend - the lasting kind.
As I travel through this life, I know one thing is sure and true.
I will never find a better friend... Than I have found in YOU!
Happy Birthday to you my special.

Yes. You are Special and Exceptional to me.

Shake it like Gloria Estefan !

You make me happy and alive into your world.
I thank you for that & I wish... I could & I want to do more and more for you.

I'll be waiting for more of you, of your precious time and laughter.

I feel privileged to have spent more of my life with you. I am lucky to have you around, now and ever maybe. To me, you have converted my sorrows into joys, fears into hope, questions into answers and doubts into results. Could I possibly ask for anything more?

Again.. Happy Birthday my dear who must not be named,
I pray you'd be blessed with good fortunes and a fulfilled life ahead. 
It is just another number and do cherish the life that is about to unfold before you.
Sincerely from ME

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